New trends in office designs have long forgotten "signature designs" of celebrated interior designers/architects. Instead, factors like IT efficiency, functionality, space management, cost effectiveness, and flexibility in planning and design have taken the front-row. Architects and interior designers are going in for new methods, techniques and products that respond to the above cited design parameters. Architects are now ensuring that the clients get a functional, efficient and modular office in the minimum amount of time at an optimum cost. The internal walls are mostly low height or transparent partitions.

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For these new design demands, ASNAF Husseini Group has created LightLine - its low-height family of partitions, which promises to meet all requirements of modern architecture, taking into account functional and effectiveness issues.


LightLine Partitions can be combined to achieve any desired elevation or arrangement to meet today's and tomorrow's business needs. When space requirements change, they can be easily rearranged or relocated to suit new needs without any material loss.

alico21Lightline is particularly valuable in renovation projects or leased offices where open plan areas are needed to permit central air-conditioning systems keep its performance without having to induce new costs for changing air-circulation ducts. Additionally, LightLine provides a more natural lighting alternative by letting sunlight into work areas without disrupting it.

Optionally, Lightline systems can easily be installed in T or L configurations; thereby avoid fixing to the ceiling. For extra-wide "straight" installations we recommend at least every 3 to 4 meters a post to go full height; otherwise, we propose the use of metallic footings to stabilize it.

LightLine partitions can be installed very rapidly, without the use of major power tools. This eliminates the disturbance that accompanies construction of traditional walls. It can also be repeatedly reconfigured to accommodate new space requirements without affecting people in nearby offices and with only brief work stoppages for the offices that were directly affected.


The partitions themselves are available with several possible horizontal and/or vertical divisions; therefore, alternating colors between wood panels is an option. Another option is to have fabric-covered panels (which also help absorb sound and reduces echoes) and washable high-pressure laminate.


Key Benefits

  • Designed to meet new trends in office designs
  • Provide functional and efficient office divisions
  • Creates private working spaces
  • Prepared for cable integration and easy running of cables
  • Many finishes available (wood, fabric, metallic…)
  • Adds more color to the office.

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